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Moultrie A Series Camera Security Box





16 gauge powder coated steel security box

Unique design allows you to easily strap back plate to Tree or other permanent structure and secure with lag bolts

Dual security

Padlock in front of case to secure camera inside security box (padlock not included)

Security cable, such as python cable, easily slide through holes in back of security box to secure to Tree

Video Review Moultrie A Series Camera Security Box

This is a video i made a few days after 08 Bow opener. I found my cameras were gone but something about the security boxes left me even more upset. Watch this video before you make your next...

Update the firmware on Moultrie M-Series cameras in a few simple steps. Remember, if the camera has already connected with a Moultrie Mobile modem, the SD card from that camera must be used...

See how poorly these security boxes really preform. I submitted my Video along with a written email explaining the situation and how disappointed i was in this product. The Moultrie Company...

In the video I show three of the Moultrie game camera security boxes! M and D series: A series: https://www.amazo...